Friday, July 16, 2010

review: Paul McCartney totally rocks. Yup: he's an old fart but he really (really) kicks ass in concert, I'm not kidding!

Paul McCartney, Pepsi Center, 7/15/2010

Ok, i'll admit I had reservations and mixed emotions about seeing Sir Paul. I mean, for all my life I've seen him, you know, being the "cute" Beatle... being a cut up, and as he got older frankly a little dorky.

I had bought a few of the solo albums across the years too and liked them... but live? Paul McCartney? Friends said: "GO! GO!" So... he came, I saw, and he kicked my ass! WHAT A GREAT SHOW!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

review: James Taylor and Carole King

James Taylor and Carole King: The Troubadour Reunion Tour,  Denver Pepsi Center, 7/14/2010
Had a -GREAT- time at this concert the circular stage not withstanding. The voices, pure and true... what a blow-back into time. Please read my review here.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

London Radio at Tejon St. Bike Fest

Saw London Radio at the Tejon St. Bike Fest last Sunday. Fairlight Moriah has now joined the group and is fronting for them (and is as awesome as ever!)

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(Photo of Fairlight Moriah)

Click the photo to see more images of bands, bikes, and bikinis at the Tejon Street Bike Fest.