Saturday, November 20, 2010

Americana and the Blues - intertwined music that works: Mo' Kauffey and Jake Loggins

Just saw a real nice act last night at Stargazers: "Mo' Kauffey" - who plays Americana "folk'n'blues" (don't say it fast with an English accent) played together with area blues musician Jake Loggins. Jake has really evolved since the first time I saw him.

Loggin's has always had this balls-out blues style but last night opened with "Mo" on an acoustic guitar filling in with these sweet dynamically styled riffs against Kauffey's raspy folky music. Jake's full band came on and played with Kauffey, then the band took sole possesion of the stage.

Read my review and see a few more photos here.

A jazzy little club with a jazzy band... Flute Daddy rules jazz flute on the front range

Flute Daddy Joseph Liberti plays the Loft in Old Colorado City the frst Sunday of every month. The band includes some of the best jazz talent in the Springs, so this was a real nice evening.  Check out my review here.

Soul Lady sings the blues - whoa momma...

Hazel Miller, soul, blues, and a big heart.

Saw her play Stargazers 11/5/2010. She's all of a sudden gigging around everywhere it seems like - she'll be back to Stargazers in a few weeks with Dotsero - the great progressive jazz band out of Denver that Hazel's performed with around the area a few times.

This will be a killer show... if you're into blues and soul, read my review of this concert I saw here.

Can you say "eclectic"? (take two) Suicidal Tendancies: abject craziness

October 26th I saw Suicidal Tendancies at the Black Sheep in Colorado Springs.

"Black Sheep" is an intententional tongue-in-cheek moniker for this cement-block constructed rectangular hole with a stage at one end and a bar at the other.

There were more piercings and tats per square inch than almost anywhere else I've been lately (except for maybe the Triple Nickle which has been getting in Indie music and if anything is as "Indie" as you can get without feeling like you're taking your life in your hands like at the Black Sheep). (I'm kidding, peeps at the Sheep were actually pretty cool - scary looking, but cool enough. I had some great conversations in the long line waiting to get into the delayed show).

Ok, nuts and bolts - see more photos and read my review at The Gazette Soundboard blog here.

Can you say "eclectic"?

On October 15th I got the chance to talk to and listen to and shoot the Tannahill Weavers in Colorado Springs. Either you're into them, or your not. If you're not, in a nutshell: They're like the Crosby Stills Nash and Young of Scottish Music. If you are, well, you're already jealous!

They were cool guys, and the music was fun and entertaining. Read my review and see more photos at my review at the Gazette's Soundboard blog, here.