Sunday, December 26, 2010

at the last chance cafe

at the last chance cafe
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doing some look-backs in the last year and - even though this was from 2009 - still remains one of my favorite shots and post-photo treatments i've done (esp the torn-paper edge I did using a custom photoshop brush i developed!)
i used a variety of techniques to really burn the sweet be-jesus out of this photo to get the look i wanted & it's one of the top photos (based on clicks) in my flickr photo page.

nelson, nevada (ghost town), 2/13/2009
model:brooks bacarella, mm #456103

Taylor Swift In Concert (redux)

Taylor Swift
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I was taking a break just now and going back through some of my 2010 highlights and I came across my review of Taylor Swift I made back in April.

I got some killer photos, changing out lenses several times; she's a great performer.

Thought I'd throw this photo from the review onto flickr and back here onto the blog just for fun!

Friday, December 24, 2010

a grandfather's love - i piccoli momenti

a grandfather's love
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So, I know I publish alot of concert shots here in the blog and generally haven't updated much on the "normal" studio work I should be promoting to get more business, but ... I just reflect the things I like the most at any given moment - not that I don't like some of the other work. Here's an example.

While I -do- love doing the concert reviews and the shots and the interaction with musicians, I really enjoy working with people and preserving i piccoli momenti - the little moments.

Here's one from a recent family shoot I just found endearing - the tenderness of this otherwise big tough dad/grandfather... when holding his granddaughter in his arms....

Sean Stockham, Middle Class Rut

Middle Class Rut warmed up for Ok Go, and they were wild...

a two person band, this photo of Sean Stockham is one of my favorite ones from the night!

You can read my review of Middle Class Rut, here.

Damian Kulash, OK Go

Damian Kulash, OK Go
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ok, OK Go take two: I was dying to show you this photo just in case you dont read the fantastic review i wrote!!!! (lol)

Did i mention you can read it here?

Naomi and Wynonna Judd: The Judds!

Naomi Judd
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I'm not a big country fan, I've fessed up before. But it was nice seeing The Judds work their magic to a big room of adoring fans recently at World Arena in Colorado Springs.

Naomi liked one of my pictures from the review so much she asked me for a copy, which I was too happy to oblige her with!

Here's a link to my review of the Judds I titled "Two Steppin’ In the Shadows: The Judd’s Final Encore".

Naomi actually asked for copies of the first two photos I posted with the review. What do you think? Did I do them justice?!?

Chris Duarte

Chris Duarte
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One of my favorite guitarists is Chris Duarte. He's been through the Springs several times in the last couple years but I've always missed him - until last friday night!

And wow: what a show... he can get "out there", but he can funk, rock, and blues out pretty much in a class all his own!

See my review I posted at the Gazette here.

Damian Kulash, OK Go

Damian Kulash, OK Go
Originally uploaded by butch leitz
I got some crazy photos at Stargazers Theatre last week seeing OK Go! Here's the most "normal" photo I got of front man Damian Kulash standing on a pelican case in the middle of the dance floor surrounded by people during Damian's "hippy moment" [sic]!

See the review here.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Americana and the Blues - intertwined music that works: Mo' Kauffey and Jake Loggins

Just saw a real nice act last night at Stargazers: "Mo' Kauffey" - who plays Americana "folk'n'blues" (don't say it fast with an English accent) played together with area blues musician Jake Loggins. Jake has really evolved since the first time I saw him.

Loggin's has always had this balls-out blues style but last night opened with "Mo" on an acoustic guitar filling in with these sweet dynamically styled riffs against Kauffey's raspy folky music. Jake's full band came on and played with Kauffey, then the band took sole possesion of the stage.

Read my review and see a few more photos here.

A jazzy little club with a jazzy band... Flute Daddy rules jazz flute on the front range

Flute Daddy Joseph Liberti plays the Loft in Old Colorado City the frst Sunday of every month. The band includes some of the best jazz talent in the Springs, so this was a real nice evening.  Check out my review here.

Soul Lady sings the blues - whoa momma...

Hazel Miller, soul, blues, and a big heart.

Saw her play Stargazers 11/5/2010. She's all of a sudden gigging around everywhere it seems like - she'll be back to Stargazers in a few weeks with Dotsero - the great progressive jazz band out of Denver that Hazel's performed with around the area a few times.

This will be a killer show... if you're into blues and soul, read my review of this concert I saw here.

Can you say "eclectic"? (take two) Suicidal Tendancies: abject craziness

October 26th I saw Suicidal Tendancies at the Black Sheep in Colorado Springs.

"Black Sheep" is an intententional tongue-in-cheek moniker for this cement-block constructed rectangular hole with a stage at one end and a bar at the other.

There were more piercings and tats per square inch than almost anywhere else I've been lately (except for maybe the Triple Nickle which has been getting in Indie music and if anything is as "Indie" as you can get without feeling like you're taking your life in your hands like at the Black Sheep). (I'm kidding, peeps at the Sheep were actually pretty cool - scary looking, but cool enough. I had some great conversations in the long line waiting to get into the delayed show).

Ok, nuts and bolts - see more photos and read my review at The Gazette Soundboard blog here.

Can you say "eclectic"?

On October 15th I got the chance to talk to and listen to and shoot the Tannahill Weavers in Colorado Springs. Either you're into them, or your not. If you're not, in a nutshell: They're like the Crosby Stills Nash and Young of Scottish Music. If you are, well, you're already jealous!

They were cool guys, and the music was fun and entertaining. Read my review and see more photos at my review at the Gazette's Soundboard blog, here.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


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Offer ends 10/31/2010 - payment to you made after I receive payment from them...


Sting. No review, just sayin'. Wow.

I so seldom go to a concert any more as an innocent bystander: I'm usually lugging 40 pounds (or more) of camera gear, a couple notebooks, a couple pens, and press credentials.

So it was just a whole lot of fun to be travelling recently in the UK and getting to go see Sting in concert in Manchester without having to think too hard about the show and what I might write about it.

Now - unfortuneately - my brain doesn't shut off quite so easily, so I found myself comparing this show to Sting's show at Red Rocks I reviewed in the Gazette's Soundboard blog in June which you can read (and see some killer photos from) here.

Ok, here's one photo from that concert taken by me from the sound board at Red Rocks:

He had added on a few dates to the end of his Symphonicity Tour with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra to play London (on his 59th birthday just two days before I saw him in Mancs) and Manchester.

Sitting in the first row of the balcony at the O2 Apollo, I got a perfect view of Sting doing what he does best, engaging the audience and making incredible music that has passion and soul. This is a thinking man's musician, but the lay-person can still just kick back and enjoy his music.

Definitely a more casual show than when I saw him in June being filmed in Concert at Red Rocks (which is already playing the airwaves in Germany and England), he mixed up the set list with enough new material to make me in awe of the arrangement power he has and the skills of a full symphony behind him. Another incredible show. I highly recommend seeing him if you ever get the chance.

Melanie. Melanie who? Read on.... (cause she's worth knowing!)

Back in the day there was a little show put on in upstate New York by a bunch of idealist music promoters wanting to bring alot of bands and music together.

"Woodstock" in 1969 pretty much defined a turning point in American culture and music.

And one of the  star performers who's name now has become clouded and left out of many discussions about Woodstock or even discussions about 60's music was a young woman who went simply by the name of "Melanie".

She was in Colorado Springs performing on 10/10/10 and I got to spend some time talking with her and her record producer husband Peter Schekeryk.

Read my review at the Colorado Springs Gazette's Soundboard blog to learn some of her pedigree including why she rivaled none other than the Beatles for music-chart dominance during the peak of her career, and why she might be the most famous person you never heard of.

Frickin' Leon Russell, man!!! Wow!

If you're an old fart like me, you remember Leon Russell - studio musician extraordinaire - busting onto the scene with a killer set during the Concert For Bangladesh back in... wow, when was that? 1971 I think. (I mention it in the review with the correct date, I'm just winging it as I write this blog entry).

He's had a loyal following ever since.

Leon's another one that maybe showing his age around the gills a little bit, but if you like swamp-water boogie-woogie then Leon's still your man. He wasn't just "good" on the keyboard, he was "powerful" as he pounded out the licks, runs, and numbers that he's made famous (or that he's written or played on for hundreds of other famous musicians). 

And his trademark voice was strong and awesome! I still can't believe I got to see this amazing performer!

Was I excited by this concert?!?! Duh! Can you tell?!?

See a few more photos I took and my review of the event at my posting at the Colorado Springs Gazette Soundboard blog.

Mose Allison: Mose Knows, The Oracle of Jazz, and more...

Mose Allison's name is synonymous with jazz although many think of him as a blues musician. His show is definitely New York jazz-trio-ish, so thats that.

He's up there - 80 years old - but he has an amazing way to turn a phrase into social commentary with a cutting edge. His voice never was something special - kind of a sqawky half talk half yell sometimes thing but the passion is all over the place.

See a few more photos I took and the review I posted at my Colorado Springs Gazette's  Soundboard blog entry.

Smokey Robinson

Wow! Smokey Robinson! For 25 years, Robinson was VP of Motown records, and it seems like he's been on the music charts in one for or another for over 40 years. He's getting up there in age, but proving it's all in your head, he still puts on a good show wih alot of steamin' sexy griding moves, great vocals, and touring with a solid band...

Read my review and see more photos at the Gazette's Soundboard blog, here.


Got to see America, one of the great acoustic guitar bands from the 70s who have been playing for 40 years recently (in fact I think they were billing this tour as their 40th anniversary tour).

You can read my review and see more pictures from the concert at the Gazette's Soundboard blog, here.

John Mayer at Red Rocks

Got to see John Mayer again, this time at Red Rocks. I think this was getting towards the end of his Heartbreak Warfare tour; he was definitely loose, screwing around alot onstage, riffing with the audience alot, and it was being filmed (i think).

Click on this link to read my review posted at the Gazette's Soundboard blog.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Originally uploaded by butch leitz
Was in Southern California last weekend and managed to get in some time shooting the surfers at "Trestles".

Trestles is a series of surf locations south of San Clemente at San Onofre State Beach in San Dego County, California. You have to park, like, a mile away across the I-5 then hike down to the beach through an access path. Savvy surfers trundle their boards down on little rigs towed behind bicycles (makes it easier for coming back up the hill to parking). Everywhere you look on the path heading down to the beach on sign posts, electrical boxes, etc, there are stickers from surf vendors stuck there by people going by.

The ASP World Surfing competition is held here.

This guy was one of the hottest surfers out there, he's on a real shortie and was just carving like crazy. He hit this one wave back up after the break, shot out and over the wave, landed into it and swept around like nothing happened. Totally sick move.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Seniors, models, musicians... oh my, oh, and a few corporate headshots, a household move, and all sorts of fun.

Just realized today I've been so busy with concerts and personal stuff (like moving into a new apartment) that I hadn't updated the blog in quite a bit.

I just got back from a 2600 mile driving trip from LA to Vancouver. It's not 2600 miles in a straight line... i just took the, uh, scenic route, saw friends and had a great time.

After the trip is when I moved, at the same time squeezing in a couple senior shoots, a couple pro shoots (professional headshots) and sundry other goodies.

I'm in photo editing craziness now...  I'll post more and some photos when I get caught up some!

In the mean time: BONUS: If you read this, you just qualifed for either a 50% off photo session or 30% your photo order (new customers only). To qualify for this deal, you must book a session (even if you don't purchase photos right away) by 9/15/2010. Woot!

Call me at 719-332-2443 to schedule a NO OBLIGATION meet and greet to talk about your interests and what you'd like to have done.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

review: Direct from Ireland, 2Duos and Cara hold a Celtic throw-down by two bands but seven tight friends.

2Duos and Cara, Stargazers, 8/27/2010, by butch leitz

I have been to Stargazers on nights when there was a cream-of-the-crop touring band when the house wasn't packed... and to shows like this one where I wasn't sure how many people would show up and I ended up almost not being able to find a parking space!

This was a fun show, these musicians who are excellent in their own rights made great music together, are friends "in real life" - and it shows. Alot of harmony on and off the stage, laughter, and a really "nice" time (in the good sense).

See my review and more photos here.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

review: Laughing and great music with Liv Taylor

Liv Taylor, Stargazers, 8/20/2010, by butch leitz

I had a great time talking to Liv before the show at Stargazers and really got a feel for him. When the warm up act was playing we talked a little more prior to him going on (he didn't have on the bow-tie at that point... not sure why he added that affectation).

His show was fun, he had the audience laughing over stories, and the way he'd sing chord changes and bridges from one song to the next. He has an amazing depth and repetoire, and the Taylor vocals he shares with his bother James (who I had seen a few weeks earlier in Denver with Carole King) were in mostly fine form (albeit he admitedly wasn't hitting some of the high notes in the some of the songs the way he wanted. But he was endearing about it, so it didn't matter to the audience one bit).

Please see my review and more photos here.

Friday, July 16, 2010

review: Paul McCartney totally rocks. Yup: he's an old fart but he really (really) kicks ass in concert, I'm not kidding!

Paul McCartney, Pepsi Center, 7/15/2010

Ok, i'll admit I had reservations and mixed emotions about seeing Sir Paul. I mean, for all my life I've seen him, you know, being the "cute" Beatle... being a cut up, and as he got older frankly a little dorky.

I had bought a few of the solo albums across the years too and liked them... but live? Paul McCartney? Friends said: "GO! GO!" So... he came, I saw, and he kicked my ass! WHAT A GREAT SHOW!

Read my review and see more pics here.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

review: James Taylor and Carole King

James Taylor and Carole King: The Troubadour Reunion Tour,  Denver Pepsi Center, 7/14/2010
Had a -GREAT- time at this concert the circular stage not withstanding. The voices, pure and true... what a blow-back into time. Please read my review here.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

London Radio at Tejon St. Bike Fest

Saw London Radio at the Tejon St. Bike Fest last Sunday. Fairlight Moriah has now joined the group and is fronting for them (and is as awesome as ever!)

Read My Review Of Radio London Here

(Photo of Fairlight Moriah)

Click the photo to see more images of bands, bikes, and bikinis at the Tejon Street Bike Fest.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

d i s t r a c t i o n s

d i s t r a c t i o n s
Originally uploaded by butch leitz
Ok, you know, if you're walking through a busy downtown area during a street festival wearing something like this, it's a distraction (or an attraction?). Leaving auto pile ups and people bumping into each other in her wake, she's just... distracted.

Just sayin'.

I took this photo during the Tejon Street Bike Fest in downtown Colorado Springs this past Sunday. There were several bikini contests at different bars, so there were more girls walking around like this than you'd ever normally see in a downtown metro area.

Well, I thought it was funny, anyway!

One of several fun shots from the Tejon St. Bike Fest, click on the link to go see more photos at my Flickr site.

Tejon St. Bike Fest

beautiful paint
Originally uploaded by butch leitz
Thousands of bikers converged on Tejon Street in downtown Colorado Springs this past Sunday. This was the same day as the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, so it was a big day for gear heads.

One of several fun shots, click on the link to go see more photos at my Flickr site.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


David Ashley, Polaradio
Originally uploaded by butch leitz
I saw Polaradio at Studio Bee at Pikes Peak Center Thursday June 17th during a showcase for local musicians who write original material.

I didn't do a review, but I did take a bunch of photos which can be seen here.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tinsley Ellis

Tinsley Ellis
Originally uploaded by butch leitz
Tinsley Ellis was at Castaways in Manitou Springs lst night and I was there to shoot some photos and write a review. Had a few chances to talk to Tinsley & got him to sign a CD for me. Here's the review at the Gazette's soundboard with a few more photos... here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sting at Red Rocks with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra

Sting performed at Red Rocks last night, and I was there. For the review and more photos, see the Gazette's Soundboard section here.

LeAnn Rimes In Concert

LeAnn Rimes In Concert
Originally uploaded by butch leitz
I was going to blog this morning about seeing Sting at Red Rocks last night (which I'll do later this morning) but: WHAT is going on with LeAnn Rimes? Really? 168 hits on this photo in my flickr account (so far) this morning and it's not even 8 a.m.? And the count went up by 15 while I was trying to figure out why this photo is spiking hits. Did I miss some LeAnn Rimes news or something? Wow... this is totally random. So I ask again: What is going on? This and a couple other photos I have on flickr are getting some mental traffic today. (maybe links were cross posted in somebody's fanzine is all I can figure. except alot of the traffic is coming from Yahoo searches. LeAnn if you see this, you bein' good honey?!? LOL)

Monday, June 7, 2010


Phew, just back from shooting rugby all weekend in Denver for! Saturday started off bright and early shooting USA National Club Semi-Final games, but mid-day I shot 2 Churchill Cup Round-Robin games as well, all at the Infinity Park complex in Glendale (Denver), also known as RUGBY TOWN, USA!

Sunday was USA Mens Rugby Finals, and I shot Division 1, 2, and 3 finals, edited some photos onsite and filed them for use at

I think I shot a total of 11 matches saturday and sunday, with me on saturday running (walking fast at least) between two fields, back and forth! Alot of work for a weekend!!! :-) Plus it was insanely hot. I didn't use suntan lotion the saturday and got a wee bit red on the arms and face... sunday I bathed in lotion but it didn't help much. At least saturday night for the last game of Belmont vs Palmer (Belmont won) it rained during the game so everybody got a little cooled off then. (If was funny seeing the tough-assed rugby players who had played earlier in the day cowering under ledges and tents to stay dry while media and fans just stood out in the rain getting wet!)

NOTE: Click on an image or a caption to go see the article by Pat Clifton with photos by Butch Leitz at


Las Vegas making the try in semi-finals of USA Nationals Division 1 Rugby


There are alot more articles with photos from me from the USA Nationals at

Carrie Underwood, Craig Morgan, Sons of Sylvia Concert Photos and Review

Reviewed Carrie Underwood for the Colorado Springs Gazette on friday night, 6/4/2010. Photos and the full review may be found here.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Natasha Rainey

Natasha Rainey
Originally uploaded by butch leitz
From the War Of The Gods party and fashion show thursday night at Wicked Garden in Denver...

Che Rise Tren

Che Rise Tren
Originally uploaded by butch leitz
From the War Of The Gods party and fashion show thursday night at Wicked Garden in Denver...

Sirocco Lee

Sirocco Lee
Originally uploaded by butch leitz
From the War Of The Gods party and fashion show thursday night at Wicked Garden in Denver...

Friday, May 28, 2010

review: A New Brain For Arnie

Here's my review of "A New Brain For Arnie" which ran on the Gazette's Soundboard section last week:

A New Brain For Arnie, Stargazers, 5/21/2010


Bassist Kim Stone took the stage unobtrusively with the house lights up. Canoodling with one of his bass guitars, looking and sounding like he was double checking his tuning, he sat between the drums and keyboards. People were talking, finding seats, but something in my brain fired off: the initial seeming randomness of the notes while the surrounding environment was in flux was performance art taking shape, a head fake. Something in the subtle but pure notes had little nuances, almost carelessly applied, yet studied. Thoughtful. Intentional. Something was going down and nobody else seemed to be noticing. Like a private joke. But deeper than that. I noticed a few more people watching. Listening. Laughter and greetings from a crowd of people arriving and seeing friends wanted to distract me. I noticed drummer Dewey Steele working his way past amps & equipment, sitting down behind his kit, the rest of the band emerging from cubby holes backstage, all getting into place, the lights slowly dimming.

Suddenly and without provocation Stone and Steele laid down a solid funk groove the band immediately jumped in on: welcome to A New Brain For Arnie.

A New Brain For Arnie plays improvisational music with a jazz and funk bedrock, but like any improvisational style, defining the content is hard to classify. This is music that may be heard differently by different people. There’s consistency, but lines get crossed, themes emerge then disappear as they’re overtaken by new ones. You have to let yourself get caught up in the emotional content, and this is an uncomfortable place to be for many people. If you need a simple defined musical space like 12 bars, bridge, turn-around, 2nd verse, chorus, date-night top-40 R&B stuff, you’re not going to get that here consistently although it may happen. Said another way: this is not beer music (well, not domestic, anyway) this is wine music. Ok, let me try again:

Their sound is like this: throw the incessant drive and quirkiness of Weather Report’s Birdland together with a little lighthearted hoedown country rock from Little Feat’s Dixie Chicken, squeeze out some of Frank Zappa’s trippier backgrounds and wall-of-sound psychedlica with rapid-fire guitar arpeggios, jam on a little Duane Allman overlaying some funked out James Brown groove and break it down with reggae accents and you have an idea of what can go down. But here’s the thing: your mileage may vary. What they played this time may not be what they play next time. And the way I heard it may not be the way you may hear it. Sound confusing? It was not bad. In fact: it was very good. Trippy in spots, but by and large danceable and fun.

There are non-verbal queues the band employs for signals: a slight head nod, or Stone reaching up and curving his hand back down to change dynamics or close a song out, some eye-to-eye contact, etc. Alot of watching each other. But it’s an employed sense of composition, theory, and feel that adheres the group together and glues the audience to it. Like a school of fish suddenly changing direction en masse, the band’s direction can change that quickly. The “songs” average 10 minutes. Some longer. Some shorter or perhaps acting like bridges between other songs.

There is an inherent risk with improvisational music: you can get out in the weeds with too much self-indulgence. It may become non-committal. That did happen at least one time during the performance (the way I heard it anyway). At one point all the musicians were off playing “something” but it was an acoustical train-wreck barely strung together by a consistent beat while everyone was searching for a soft place to land and merge again. A little awkward sounding but mercifully brief before a tight funk groove came out of it. But you have to discount these aberrations as a side-effect of the genre and just roll with it if it happens.

Stone’s mastery of bass guitar is evident: slap-and-pop here, multiple note chord progressions there, ethereal riffs consistently applied then lead bass lines breaking out. Steele’s timing and force on the drums was intense but at times playful, but always insanely solid. Guitarists Michael Reese and Wayne Hammerstadt played soaring lines and wistful notes off each other while guitarist Tommy Gallagher provided balanced rhythms, accents, and counterpoint. Keyboardist Bryant Jones added various dynamics and range with anything from soft synth fills to Fender Rhodes R&B sounds to growling and snarling organ work from his Hammond B3 and 50 year old Leslie speaker system.

The overall the production and sound quality at Stargazers for this show was possibly the best I’ve ever heard there, a big fat heavy band sound well mixed and punchy but with a nice clarity. This was an enjoyable show and something that any music lover would enjoy seeing at least once. And who knows? You might get hooked.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

review: Goo Goo Dolls

I didn't get to shoot at the Goo Goo Dolls concert last week in Colorado Springs, but I wrote a review you can read by clicking  here.

Friday, May 21, 2010

review: The Eagles at Pepsi Center

LIVE REVIEW: Eagles show they still can fly at Pepsi Center

Had a great time shooting the Eagles at Pepsi Center in Denver last night. Met some, umm, interesting people where I was sitting in a group of fat cat daddies in a few chairs behind the soundboard and light boards.

I thought I saw Calista Flockhart sitting a couple chairs over from me. Turns out it wasn't - it was Joe Walsh's wife with a couple other family members.

I have ALOT of anecdotes about my experience at this concert which didn't make it into the review (read: there was stuff that happened that I couldn't or shouldn't talk about in print for the Gazette, so next time we're out at lunch, ask me about that night!!! LOL!!!)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Llamapalooza 2010 at Colorado College, Saturday 5/8/2010

Spent most of the day on Saturday 5/8/2010 at Colorado College at their annual Llamapalooza Music and Arts Festival. My review and more photos can be seen here.

review: Sonos A'cappella Sextet

Sonos A'cappella Sextet
Originally uploaded by butch leitz
My review of Sonos, an A'Cappella Sextet band that appeared at Stargazers recently on 5/6/2010 can be found here:
Sonos review

review: Ronnie Baker Brooks on 4/24/2010 at Cyrstola

ronnie baker brooks
Originally uploaded by butch leitz
My review of Ronnie Baker Brooks can be found here. This was a great show!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

review: Tony Exum

Tony Exum
Originally uploaded by butch leitz
Attended Tony Exums CD Release Party at Stargazers in Colorado Springs, 5/1/2010

See my review here:

Thursday, April 29, 2010

keith emerson's synth setup

Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never...Starts???

Keith Emerson and Greg Lake you may have heard of from Emerson, Lake and (Carl) Palmer (or ELP). The two are on tour together in the US heading for a UK reunion with Palmer in July. But on this tour, so far they've cancelled concerts 6 times (including the show in Colorado Springs at the Pikes Peak Center where I took this photo last night).

Official cause: Lake got sick (possibly due to altitude) and a doctor was called in onsite. The unofficial bitter rumor-mongering excuse which makes for better press (but we'll give the guys the benefit of the doubt that this rumor isn't true) : they saw the 2000-seat hall was half-full and one or both of them walked out. I'll take the high road and assume the altitude legitimately got to Lake. The 6,000 feet+ altitude has been known to affect people passing through.

Taking to people after the cancellation I met (more than a few) people who had travelled thousands of miles to see the show, and one guy who had tried to see them in Virginia where the show had been cancelled also. (Don't get on a plane with that guy!)

Lamented one aging fan - "I'm sorry I didn't get to see them tonight cause who knows how much longer any of us are going to be around? We're not getting any younger."