Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fun Senior Shoot Downtown Colorado Springs

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Had a chance to shoot Brianna here downtown Colorado Springs on Wednesday 9/16/2009. She was great to work with. We had already done a studio shoot a few days earlier so she kind of knew some of the directions I was going to give her, and I found her slipping into the look I wanted several times without any prompting from me: wow! I loved it! It made shooting so much more enjoyable (and while it's never -not- fun, sometimes it's more fun than other times). (This was one of the mo' fun ones!).

Weather stayed pretty good for this shoot, it was partly cloudy/partly sunny when we started (and this in the afternoon after we had had something like a hurricane the previous couple days finally slowing down that morning).

It did start clouding up, and I had my daughter Erica with me assisting, so I told her to keep an eye on the sky and at the first drops of rain we had to bundle up the lighting equipment we were setting up at a couple places we were shooting. I didn't use lights everywhere we shot outside, but when I did (like this one here in this blog entry) I used a medium softbox with a grid on an Alien Bees B800 light I carry - which was connected to a portable battery pack.

We got in some great shots, spent about 2 hours shooting at - I want to say 3 locations around downtown, the last in front of the old City Hall on Nevada. We had been shooting there about 20 minutes when big fat drops of rain started to come down, so while Erica was packing up stuff I shot Brianna for a few final frames without any artificial lighting (and we got some nice final photos to review out of that set also).

All told: an awesome shoot with an awesome girl!

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