Friday, March 26, 2010

Distracted Much?

Just realized I never posted photos or the review I did of Loggins and Messina a couple months ago here. The funny thing is, Jim Messina posted my review at his web site (well, maybe I saw it at his Facebook page, I know I saw it somewhere of his).

But I just looked (down) here in the blog and... I don't see it. Archived off? I dunno. I looked in my Flickr site & didn't post any photos there, either. Sheesh. Must be distracted.

Ok, so at the risk of being redundant being (joke), I'll go find that L & M review & post it.

Right after I complete a couple Senior orders I have in. And after the editing the shots of my daughters in a fashion show last night. And after completing a sports order I got in. And after the Tommy Castro collage I was asked to do. And after...

Oh crud. I just looked at a quick and dirty search engine "buoy" page I have to help crawlers find my reviews and photos - the one hiding here and see that there are several reviews and photos I never posted here.

I gotta get better at this whole blog thing.

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