Saturday, November 20, 2010

Can you say "eclectic"? (take two) Suicidal Tendancies: abject craziness

October 26th I saw Suicidal Tendancies at the Black Sheep in Colorado Springs.

"Black Sheep" is an intententional tongue-in-cheek moniker for this cement-block constructed rectangular hole with a stage at one end and a bar at the other.

There were more piercings and tats per square inch than almost anywhere else I've been lately (except for maybe the Triple Nickle which has been getting in Indie music and if anything is as "Indie" as you can get without feeling like you're taking your life in your hands like at the Black Sheep). (I'm kidding, peeps at the Sheep were actually pretty cool - scary looking, but cool enough. I had some great conversations in the long line waiting to get into the delayed show).

Ok, nuts and bolts - see more photos and read my review at The Gazette Soundboard blog here.

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