Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jake Loggins

Jake Loggins
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This shooting bands thing has gotten to be bigger than *I* am. I see my photos being used all over the internet on facebook and a few other places in profiles and band web sites.

I let the low-res ones slide, I don't chase anybody down and say "bad musican! bad! don't hork my photos!". rather... i kinda dig it. most of them - i'd say 99% of them - keep the credit on there like they're supposed to.

I have been asked for prints (even from the major national acts I've shot, so thats cool), I've designed a couple T-Shirts, worked on about 4 CD covers, made a bunch of business cards for people, and have designed all the normal graphic and layout stuff people need for a collateral package for repping themselves or for public relations and marketing. Great for sending with a demo CD to get that next gig, airplay, or what have you.

What can I do for you? 719-590-7112.
See for more (currently evolving).

Here's a recent photo I took of Jake Loggins. I love hearing his band play, so it's a treat to have some free time to shoot him when I can.

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