Wednesday, March 18, 2009

When The Lights Go Out

We had a fun day today in the studio... I was setting up for a little mini-fashion shoot when the power went out. Holding the "light" button on my watch showed me I still had about half an hour before the young lady I was shooting was to arrive. After a few seconds, I decided to move a small set outside the studio into the parking lot and shoot her out there.

So of course, I've, like, got a bunch of stands in the lobby waiting for me to carry outside, and was just lowering one of the large softboxes when.. taa-daa- the power came back on. So I thought... well, a photo jedi like me would just go ahead and shoot in the parking lot anyway just to say I did it, but then my brain kicked back in and I re-set up in the studio.

Naturally, about half way through the shoot, the lights went out again while Brittney was changing clothes in the dressing room, so I switched lenses to my 70-200 (a skill I long ago mastered in the dark) and when she came out (I could see her silhouetted against the eerie light of the emergency lights in the hallway) I said... hey: lets go outside (this being the most original thing I could think of to say). We had had a pretty weird sky - high clouds - so I thought I'd grab a light & battery back, but looking out the front door I saw the sun had come back out, so I grabbed a mid-size reflector and we all trooped outside (her, her sister, and her mom).

We took shots in a few locations just outside my building - I made her sister work the reflector for me! - and we saved the day (although I already had some cute shots from the studio shooting we did before the lights went out).

Anyway... it was just one of those mornings where we had to be flexible!

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