Thursday, March 19, 2009

I wanted to title this photo I uploaded to Flickr "Blah!" but I didn't think anybody but my wife would get it. "Blah!" is what we think babies say pretty much universally "out of the box" until they learn their local lingo.

This photo I took during a recent family photo shoot reminds me of a true story. One day I had a big presentation in front of a couple hundred people - real "hard cases". They were all heavy duty tech guys, this was back when I was still an engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) many years ago. And yes, I was nervous about getting totally "beat up" about the presentation. But, before I could drive an hour north to Nashua to do the presentation, I had to take my still very young son to day care. My wife did the pick-up in the afternoon, I did the drop-off. You know how it goes.

My son was still in diapers at the time. So I started to change him prior to getting over to his day-care, and right in the middle of the change he shot a fountain of, well, you know, "wee-wee" up into the air so high it almost hit the ceiling. But it did hit me. Quite a bit. And all you can do in a situation like this is to laugh... finish the diaper change, change your shirt, etc.

So I'm taking him out to the car & he's all gurgly & being cute & I was lifting him up over my head like he was flying for a minute before putting him in the car seat... when I looked up, and he was smiling real big & drooled. Right in my mouth. OOooo, yech. But again... laugh...

So at day-care I'm taking him out of the car seat, lift him up, this time he barfs, all over my shoulder. Not alot, but you know, enough.

So when I started my presentation - and I was first-up that morning since it was a couple-hour long presentation I was doing, I was quiet, stood there looking at everybody, all these hot-dogs and "heavies" as we used to call them, and very deadpan I said: "Look, so far this morning I've already been pee'ed on, drooled in, and barfed on... absolutely nothing you say or do to me here is going to be worse than that!" which of course broke the ice & got everybody laughing pretty well & I proceeded on with the show.

Thats the beauty of photos... they remind you of important (and sometimes: simple) things in your life!

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