Saturday, April 11, 2009

Had a fun senior shoot last week where we used part of the studio that I have not used in the past for shooting, and that was my presentation room where I normally hold client meetings and do...presentations (duh)! It's surrounded (practically) with windows with mini-blinds, and has some nice furnishings, so it makes it a fun place to experiment with light in. Ashlee's one of my new senior models and helping me out with representing us at some of the high schools, so she was game to come in a mess around for a little while.

The light from different times of the day is really interesting, but since it faces southwest, the stronger light in the afternoon - especially that sweet golden light you get near sunset - is just too much fun!

This chair Ashlee is sitting in is from my front reception area (waiting room). I had intentionally bought several styles of chairs when setting up the studio so that we could have some variety and fun things to shoot with for different purposes... I tend to like old looking chairs, especially ones with a slight Victorian style to them (like I know anything about furniture styles!)... but they're great, especially for senior portraits. I love getting - especially a guy, who'd otherwise look a little, I dunno, awkward in jeans, not formal, and put them in a formal chair. The contrast is subtle and makes a little statement that I think comes through in the photo.

At any rate... I'll be doing more shoots in this room I think. I may have to start calling it the Solarium or something. It's giving me all kinds of ideas about shooting in and around my building in other settings. I'm so fired up!

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