Saturday, January 23, 2010

Head Full Of Zombies : Photoshoot to Poster = 2 Days

head full of zombies
head full of zombies
head full of zombies
Here's the first product from a photoshoot with Head Full of Zombies we did last week. Shot on Wednesday night, Dave (in the center with glasses) did the layout thursday and had it printed friday and hanging in fine windows everywhere. (Everywhere that Dave could afford to pay to let him hang it!!! LOL)

This gig represents the zombies first gig of 2010 with new member and frontman Amy Sue Hardy (chewing on the frame here). (Don't get in -her- way!!!).

I took individual shots of all band members in a couple wardrobe changes each (Amy Sue got 3 wardrobe changes cause she's special) and some group shots. This old frame was leaning against the wall in the corner of the studio, so we incorporated it into several of the shots.

In this poster, I particularly like the positioning of the framed zombies with other classics like Mona Lisa and Dogs Playing Poker!! lol!

For something fun to do, Google "Amy Sue Hardy" for some interesting background.

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