Thursday, June 10, 2010

LeAnn Rimes In Concert

LeAnn Rimes In Concert
Originally uploaded by butch leitz
I was going to blog this morning about seeing Sting at Red Rocks last night (which I'll do later this morning) but: WHAT is going on with LeAnn Rimes? Really? 168 hits on this photo in my flickr account (so far) this morning and it's not even 8 a.m.? And the count went up by 15 while I was trying to figure out why this photo is spiking hits. Did I miss some LeAnn Rimes news or something? Wow... this is totally random. So I ask again: What is going on? This and a couple other photos I have on flickr are getting some mental traffic today. (maybe links were cross posted in somebody's fanzine is all I can figure. except alot of the traffic is coming from Yahoo searches. LeAnn if you see this, you bein' good honey?!? LOL)

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