Monday, June 7, 2010


Phew, just back from shooting rugby all weekend in Denver for! Saturday started off bright and early shooting USA National Club Semi-Final games, but mid-day I shot 2 Churchill Cup Round-Robin games as well, all at the Infinity Park complex in Glendale (Denver), also known as RUGBY TOWN, USA!

Sunday was USA Mens Rugby Finals, and I shot Division 1, 2, and 3 finals, edited some photos onsite and filed them for use at

I think I shot a total of 11 matches saturday and sunday, with me on saturday running (walking fast at least) between two fields, back and forth! Alot of work for a weekend!!! :-) Plus it was insanely hot. I didn't use suntan lotion the saturday and got a wee bit red on the arms and face... sunday I bathed in lotion but it didn't help much. At least saturday night for the last game of Belmont vs Palmer (Belmont won) it rained during the game so everybody got a little cooled off then. (If was funny seeing the tough-assed rugby players who had played earlier in the day cowering under ledges and tents to stay dry while media and fans just stood out in the rain getting wet!)

NOTE: Click on an image or a caption to go see the article by Pat Clifton with photos by Butch Leitz at


Las Vegas making the try in semi-finals of USA Nationals Division 1 Rugby


There are alot more articles with photos from me from the USA Nationals at

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