Saturday, August 21, 2010

review: Laughing and great music with Liv Taylor

Liv Taylor, Stargazers, 8/20/2010, by butch leitz

I had a great time talking to Liv before the show at Stargazers and really got a feel for him. When the warm up act was playing we talked a little more prior to him going on (he didn't have on the bow-tie at that point... not sure why he added that affectation).

His show was fun, he had the audience laughing over stories, and the way he'd sing chord changes and bridges from one song to the next. He has an amazing depth and repetoire, and the Taylor vocals he shares with his bother James (who I had seen a few weeks earlier in Denver with Carole King) were in mostly fine form (albeit he admitedly wasn't hitting some of the high notes in the some of the songs the way he wanted. But he was endearing about it, so it didn't matter to the audience one bit).

Please see my review and more photos here.

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