Thursday, July 2, 2009

More internet woe-is-me ramblings!

Well, I'm getting things shifted around. I was running my own web servers for so long (like, 10 years, almost 15 years actually) that it's almost funny being like one of the "regular" folks that need a web server; I'm waiting for registrars to move domain names around - I was setting up some sites at GoDaddy for a past client (moving them off my server) a month ago and decided to park some of my stuff there, problem is that my domain names are registered at, like, 5 different registrars for various reasons. So coordinating all this is *fun*, yeah, thats it, *fun*.

I was just in the process of redoing the web site (again) and had started putting together a new web site and sports web site. So I guess I need to get the old stuff moved to the new servers (when I get the "account has been set up" go ahead) along with the new stuff (so I can finish it, duh. Guess that didn't need to be said, did it?!?)

Whatever. Shooting some seniors, got a print delivery & more fun stuff today. Life goes on even without the internet! (Wow... realllly?!?) :-)

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