Monday, July 6, 2009

Shades of gray...

The web sites: it's funny, I got everything moved into the new servers & have almost everything up - well, the old sites for & the place holders for & But oh, no, had code in the startup that just totally whacks out on the new server & doesn't get past a certain point... it sends me an auto-email saying somebody looked at the site, but then (I'm pretty sure) doesn't actually show the site to anybody leaving a gnarly looking "somethings wrong" message from the server. Bumwads! More hacking to do to correct it, get it up, get back to finishing the placholder sites.

AT THE SAME TIME: working on High School Senior mailers getting ready to go out. I'm going to offer a special discount through mid August (before schools start back up in session in the Springs). Stay tuned.

Still looking for model-reps at a couple schools like Coronado and Cheyenne, send me an email if you're a senior or somebody you know is who might be interested in a free on-location and studio shoot in exchange for making money by repping for us at their school. It's win-win for you and me and there's no lose-lose for either of us!

Had some real bizarreness yesterday (Sunday): first, saw two little wanna-be tornadoes forming along the highway near Castle Rock as my wife and I were driving back from some business up in Keystone Sunday morning. It was raining, hailing, and everybody was slowing down to watch them I think. Very surreal. THENNN when we got home, my wife Linda found our one of our cats had dragged a full-size rabbit into the house - not a little bunny (like a few others times). But not just into our house... into the master bedroom. Max (this particular cat) had it's front feet pinning down the rabbit while it was growling at Linda as if to say, no you don't, it's MINE!!! So we got Max off the rabbit which immediately took off towards the master bathroom! Finally I caught it by covering it with big storage bucket. We slid in a (get this) old Obama / Biden lawn sign under the bucket, lifted the thing over & got the rabbit outta there.

Ok, back to the salt-mines...

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