Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yay! Back To Normal!

Back to normal / back to work: I finally got the web sites - the real one and the couple temp ones - all coming up the way they're supposed to for the time being (until I get time to finish updates).

My temporary High School Seniors / Senior Portrait specialty site is up at, the sports and event place holder page is up at (or ), the links to the High School Sports galleries at is back working, and lastly... the main studio web site at (also know as ) is back up - that was the one I was having the problem with. The code (which was working before the move) did a thing with frames and targets that apparently isn't working on the new server so I had to re-code how the site entry stuff works... which, like I said, is now back up.

A couple senior portraits to do, an executive session, a couple weddings coming up, finish senior mailers, finish some sports highlight galleries, hit the gym, now I can get back to normal! The vacation coming up which will throw the schedule a little (but since it was planned, not a big deal).

Kind of crazy when you like what you do so much you don't want to go on vacation... and when you do, you use it as an excuse to do job related stuff: like: build some more travel and art catalog.

So - I'm "back to normal". (Was I ever "normal"?!?)

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