Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Melanie. Melanie who? Read on.... (cause she's worth knowing!)

Back in the day there was a little show put on in upstate New York by a bunch of idealist music promoters wanting to bring alot of bands and music together.

"Woodstock" in 1969 pretty much defined a turning point in American culture and music.

And one of the  star performers who's name now has become clouded and left out of many discussions about Woodstock or even discussions about 60's music was a young woman who went simply by the name of "Melanie".

She was in Colorado Springs performing on 10/10/10 and I got to spend some time talking with her and her record producer husband Peter Schekeryk.

Read my review at the Colorado Springs Gazette's Soundboard blog to learn some of her pedigree including why she rivaled none other than the Beatles for music-chart dominance during the peak of her career, and why she might be the most famous person you never heard of.

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