Friday, October 1, 2010


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Was in Southern California last weekend and managed to get in some time shooting the surfers at "Trestles".

Trestles is a series of surf locations south of San Clemente at San Onofre State Beach in San Dego County, California. You have to park, like, a mile away across the I-5 then hike down to the beach through an access path. Savvy surfers trundle their boards down on little rigs towed behind bicycles (makes it easier for coming back up the hill to parking). Everywhere you look on the path heading down to the beach on sign posts, electrical boxes, etc, there are stickers from surf vendors stuck there by people going by.

The ASP World Surfing competition is held here.

This guy was one of the hottest surfers out there, he's on a real shortie and was just carving like crazy. He hit this one wave back up after the break, shot out and over the wave, landed into it and swept around like nothing happened. Totally sick move.

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